New vision, new leadership, same calling



In November 2023, Tim Engelmann and Ash Thorpe were appointed as new base leaders for YWAM Hurlach, together with a leadership circle of Caroline Bastenie, Sokol Hoxha, and Heidi Bauer. It marked the end of a year-long process of leadership transition.

Tim is German but grew up in Tanzania. After ministry training with Nairobi Chapel in Kenya, he studied Applied Theology at IGW in Germany while interning with various ministries, and has been with YWAM since 2013. Tim also serves on the core team of the new Revive Europe movement and is part of various international networks. 

Ash is Australian but grew up in Jordan. He has served with YWAM since 2009, including 9 years leading YWAM Herrnhut. Ash also serves as the national leader for YWAM Germany. He is married to Carina and together they have three boys.

Caroline is from Belgium, has a masters in Clinical Psychology, and has served with YWAM since 2017. Europe, discipleship and seeing people walk into God’s fullness are some of the topics that are very big on her heart.

Heidi is German, is trained as a preschool teacher, and has served with YWAM for almost 30 years (and in Hurlach for over 25 years). Her passion is working with children and she has been involved in training preschool teachers in the Middle East and Africa. Heidi is married to Frank and they have three children.

Sokol is from Albania and has been serving in YWAM for over 30 years. His passion is releasing young leaders into God’s call for them. He is an intercultural coach and is part of many church/ministry networks. Together with his wife Maren they have four children. Fun fact: Sokol has served in YWAM Hurlach leadership twice before.



Along with new leadership comes refreshed vision for YWAM Hurlach. After seeking the Lord, exploring the need, looking into our story so far and engaging in dialogue together, we believe God has given us FIVE overarching points of vision:

1 Central & Southeastern Europe

A missional focus on Central Europe and the Balkans – from Germany and Poland all the way to Bulgaria. This is an often overlooked region with still very little missional engagement. We believe these nations contain such potential for the kingdom of God. We are called to strengthen existing YWAM teams, to launch new YWAM teams, and to partner with existing churches and ministries. We believe this part of the world is ready for a move of God.

2 Germany’s Cities

Mobilising, training and launching YWAM-related teams into Germany’s largest and most influential cities. Cities are where culture is formed and worldview is shaped. We believe we are called to connect and empower communities of YWAM DTS alumni and friends, together with Christian skilled migrant workers to engage with all spheres of society. Believing God to move like He did through Daniel, and his three friends, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, serving in Babylon.

3 UofN Campus

Developing a University of the Nations (UofN) Campus to train young people for a lifelong missional lifestyle, centred on Jesus in every aspect of life, before sending them into Germany and the nations. Starting with a gap-year program, combining DTS and advanced training, for equipping the ‘messenger’ (DTS), in the ‘message’ (bible) and in ‘methods’ (vocational). In cooperation with other YWAM centres, we aim to offer biblical-missional training for all foundational spheres of society.

Creating a place for hospitality and hosting events and groups. We believe YWAM Hurlach is called to be a ‘Bethel’ (Gen. 28), a place of encounter with God and one another. We are blessed with owning a beautiful castle in the centre of Europe, filled with international, interdenominational and intergenerational followers of Jesus. There is an open invitation to come, encounter God, and to hear from Him in a place of consecration.

5 Kids & Teens Ministry

Relaunching Kings Kids and Family Ministries for our region of Germany. We know that large numbers of people find Jesus and their call to world missions in their childhood years. We also know that healthy families are the foundation for strong society. YWAM Hurlach has a lot of heritage in the pioneering of various kids-related ministries and we believe God is wanting to revive those ministries for the new generation.

Hear from Tim and Ash about new and clarified vision:

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