is a project of Youth with a Mission in the Hurlach castle. It is a place where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend, a place to hang out and have fellowship with one another.

The Café also serves as a platform for young people to show their creative side and for that reason there will be small exhibits or concerts held here.

This is not a professionally run cafe . We are here to serve students, staff, friends and their guests and ask for a small donations to cover the costs of our special coffee creations.



Thursday nights at the castle is a traditionally well known and liked event.
All are welcome and the night typically includes worship and teachings from international speakers.
We are excited to continue to expand this night to connect with more of our neighbors and build strong relationships!
We are looking forward to pray together, thank GOD and getting to know HIM in many different ways together.

Come join us!



We are all shocked by the situation in Ukraine. Thousands are on the run and many people and communities are helping to take them in and distribute them to camps and homes. We as YWAM Hurlach also help in different ways. We take in people who have fled, take care of them and place them on. In addition, we collect relief supplies that are brought to Ukraine. A 20t and 7.5t truck was already fully loaded and sent to the Ukraine.

We are connected with YWAM Germany and also nationally with other mission organizations and are in contact with the local authorities. The mayor of Hurlach supports our work and helps with further contact with the responsible authorities. In addition, we are very grateful for the contact with coordinators who are on site and churches who are willing to help and accommodate people. We are really overwhelmed by the willingness to donate and help the people of Hurlach.

Would you like to help?


What we need most now are options for where refugees can stay after a short rest in the castle. The EU has decided that Ukrainians can be registered and given a residence permit for one year (with an option for two more). They are allowed to work here and receive help from the state. These people will have a chance to stand on their own two feet in time. But first they need security, a place to go and shelter.

donations in kind

(Delivery times 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Schloss Hurlach, Schlossgasse 1, 86857 Hurlach)

– Blankets and sleeping bags
– charged, usable power banks to charge mobile phones (for Ukraine)
– Basic food, pasta, flour, potatoes, canned food for distribution
– Soaps, toiletries
– Medicine (painkillers, cough syrup and nasal spray for adults and children; bandages)
– medical gloves
– Generators, power supply

questions and help

We can be reached by phone on 01755590180



Getting to know God - RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING

A Christian program for introducing babies and toddlers to daily life with God.

This program is directed to little children of about 1/2 year to 4 years old and communicates to them that God loves them, that he has made them beautiful and that he is the creator of all the world around us which the children are about to discover.

We want the children to get to know God as a loving father who cares for them and listens to them. We use a lot of visual aids and many songs.

We have developped this program in the eighties and published a book (with songs on a CD) in German language (

Right now we are translating the most important parts of this book and songs into Romanian.

For more than 15 years I have been working with this program (regular local mother-toddler-group) and have given many workshops
(in Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Austria).

Doris Braun
- YWAM / JMEM Hurlach -


YWAM in Munich

„I know that God has called me into a regular Job, but I still want to be part of YWAM.“ This idea marked the starting point of the Alumni-Network in Munich beginning of 2017. Meanwhile, we have grown to about 40 former YWAMers, who all work, study, have family and serve their churches – but are still part of our YWAM community. The centerpiece of our network are the YWAM Munich Reunions, which are taking place on a regular basis. Throughout the months God laid a few things on our hearts.

Many of us were radically impacted through DTS. We want to make this experience more easily accessible for a larger group Christians. Therefore, we developed a concept for a one week Mini-DTS. Many churches are interested and we are hoping to run the first Mini-DTS in the next couple of months. The mission is to challenge and equip Christians to live out their missionary calling in daily life.

Returning from DTS into your old environment and church is a hard step for many. At the same time, we see the potential and dynamic that these young people form the mission field carry. We want to support them in their Re-Entry process, by inviting them to become part of our YWAM-Community. They will also have the opportunity to get a former YWAMer as their personal mentor for their Re-Entry process.

Our desire is to see each Munich citizen reached with the gospel. To advance evangelism in Munich, we want to host Outreach-Teams to share the Gospel in the city. Our strength is the network of churches and ministries we have – but we need man power to make short-term outreaches possible!

If you are interested in what we do, please contact us: