We are Experiencing God’s Wonders

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Hello everyone,

We have yet again experienced a lot in the past few days, and have much to share with you.

Last Saturday we were a part of an outreach to a nearby village. We partnered with a Brazilian team and hosted a mini carnival on a soccer field. Many stands were set up to give the people of the town free medicine, haircuts, cotton-candy, face-paint, and prayer. Our team focused on a creativity stand for kids and a stand for prayer. In the beginning we went from door to door to invite the people of the village to come and join us at the soccer field. The afternoon was spent on the field together with those who accepted our invitations. In the evening we participated in an evangelical service at a church nearby where we were able to share testimonies, lead worship, and share a drama skit that we had prepared. It was an amazing night and we are so thankful for the warm hearted, hospitable, open people that are here!

From Monday until Wednesday we taught the Brazilian DTS again. We were teaching on the topic of intersession. We gave them some practical steps and then had time for them to personally experience intersession and to put it to practice. For example we had one session where we focused on interceding for the families in Brazil with a focus on the children. Another time we had a “harp and bowl” session where there was worship going on in the background and the students could come up and pray for things that God placed on their hearts or share bible verses. Then the worship would change into the direction of what the students had shared. Prayer connects! During a time of intersession, one of the oldest members of the base told us: “If you want to grow friendships, then don’t only talk with one another, also pray together. This is because prayer connects.” And that’s exactly what we experienced this week.Prayer connects and prayer makes an impact, even when we don’t see the results immediately. We are thankful for the time we got to spend with the students! We feel so blessed through them and got so much positive feedback.

On Tuesday we met with our friends from “Teens Challenge” who are working on rehab from addictions. We were happy to see each other again and we were able to give a service on the topic of love. On Thursday we also spent time with them to bless them and to share hope with them. We even go to have and intense time of prayer where we were able to pray for each individual person present and they were deeply touched by God. Another special thing happened on Friday when we were teaching about serving one another. We encouraged them to practice serving each other out of love. As a team, we served them practically. As a sign that we value them, we offered to wash their feet, just as Jesus washed his disciples feet. This symbol of love and value towards them was something that many had experienced for the first time. With tears in their eyes they explained to us how God had spoken to them through us and how he filled their hearts with new hope! God is so good!

That same afternoon we organized a colorful program for about 20 children that we received from a foster home. After starting all together as a big group with a skit and a short testimony, we split the children into two age groups. In our small groups, we played games together, shared stories and made some fun crafts together.

Yes, we are definitely having a wonderful time together and are constantly able to experience new things. God continues to work through us and he gives us the strength and joy that we need for everything we do. We thank you for your prayers, they carry us and lift us up.

We would love for you to pray that God would continue to work in the lives of the men at “Teens Challenge” and that he would continue to fill them with hope. Also pray that our teamwork would continue to flow as it has been and that we would be able to share grace and patience with one another. We are also trusting God when it comes to the language barrier, that his message would shine through when translators aren’t available. Pray that God will send people to help with that when necessary.

We are excited for this new week and are expecting great things from our Papa God!


The location for the festival at the soccer field


Our stand: Creativity for kids

Henny shares her testimony at a church service

Surin leads worship

Teaching about intersession

The DTS students pray for us and bless us at the end of the week

Group photo with the other DTS

Kid’s program for the 10-18 year olds from the foster home

Skit about self worth

Foot washing and prayer

Kid’s program for the 1-8 year olds

Saturday, on our way to outreach

Some men from Teens Challenge blessed us and washed our feet as well

Berni teaches about serving one another

Team building game with Teens Challenge