A good start!

Michael DTS, Ministries, schools

January 4th-6th

After resting for a day, we spent the morning on Saturday seeing the local market running errands. It was amazing to see the local culture, and to be exposed to the world of bargaining. After that, we came back to the YWAM base and were blessed to have discussion with around 40 young men. The discussions ranges from light topics like difference in culture to more intense topics like religion and marriage. After we shared a meal with the young men, we got the to cheer them on as they practiced soccer. Andrew even got to referee. Later in the night, some of the team went out to the bush to see the wildlife there. They mostly got to see giraffes and wildebeasts.

On Sunday, we had the opportunity to work with the local church. We got the adventure of leading worship, teaching Bible study, preaching the sermon, teaching Sunday school, and teaching the youth group. The children were shy at first, but quickly opened up to the team, singing songs, playing games, and laughing. The teenagers were a bit more reserved, but were intently listening to the teaching provided. The sermon about Joy given by Doris was well received, as well as the Bible study about James given by Lea. Many woman coming afterward to thank the speaker. Many of the girls with blonde hair on the team would feel a mischievous tug on their hair  during the service, and when turning around would notice little Kenyan hands running through their hair. We were treated to a typical Kenyan service, in the fact that it went on for about 4 hours. The people were passionate about the God they serve, and open to hearing the words we had to say. After, we got to eat lunch with the pastor and the church elders, and pray over the church. It was so amazing to be so quickly accepted into the community, and to make such wonderful friends.