Slovakia Outreach

Michael DTS

Lucatim, Slovakia


The picturesque mountains and forest scapes rose around us, but collectively our expectations deflated. We had just come from the booming metropolis of Prague, Czech Republic, and now we were surrounded by trees in the middle of nowhere in Slovakia. It was a complete change, but thankfully, it proved us totally wrong, and instead of being uneventful, our four days were filled with outdoor activities, meaningful conversations, and hard, hard work. It was the perfect contrast from the busyness of Prague, to be able to wake up to the crisp, fresh air and spend time with Jesus on the sunny veranda, surrounded by God’s beautiful handiwork.

The YWAM base itself, has an amazing history to marvel at, too. Formerly a YMCA building, a Nazi headquarters, and communist training camp, it has been turned, and is being transformed into the base.

We were part of that transformation. A small part of the story, we helped out with practical work for one of the three ministry days. It consisted of cutting, organising and stacking wood, pulling out weeds, and uprooting concrete slabs to make way for a beautiful lawn.

Not only that, but we were also able to be part of an afternoon programme at the local school, where we were able to play games with the kids, and show them a skit, a song, and still connect with them despite the language barrier. One of the biggest things we have learnt so far is that language can’t stop God from what He wants to do.

Another part of our ministry in Slovakia was helping out at the local church. We were able to preach, and share testimonies with them. They were so receptive to us and really made us feel welcome, praying for and blessing us before we left, and spending time in fellowship with us right up until the moment that we left.

This time was also precious because we were able to have our first team time of the outreach. Although some conflicts arose, it was beneficial in the long run because it brought us closer together and helped us to be more open and honest with each other. Outreach is a time of stepping out of your comfort zone, and as much as possible we want to love and make peace with each other, and see Jesus in each other and in the people meet.

Slovakia was such a great blessing, and a beautiful country that surprised us all. We are going back for a one-night stopover on our way back to Hurlach, and I think everyone wishes we were able to stay longer. The base has such a family feel, and has plenty of space for exploring, sports (volleyball, ultimate frisbee, etc) and resting.

Thank you Jesus for this opportunity, and thank you for Serbia, our next location!

DTS See Jesus in Other – April 18, 2018