Time well spent

Michael DTS

Last Wednesday we got the chance to lead the base for a community evening similar to „Schloss Abend“ at the castle. Much of the day was spent in preparation and when evening came, we had a wonderful time of prayer, worship and teaching.

On Thursday and Friday we were working with Teens Challenge again. To switch things up with them, we had many outdoor activity to further enhance their teamwork and unity. We did teach about these topics, but we also prepared a blindfolded obstacle course for them. They really enjoyed it and were able to see the deeper meaning behind it. To listen for God’s voice in a world where many distracting voices come against us.

To end the week, we needed to say our goodbyes to our friends at Teens Challenge, as we won’t be teaching them again. To celebrate the time we had together we had a BBQ where we could enjoy one another’s company. It happened to also be the birthday of one of the young men there, so we had double the reason to celebrate! It touched our hearts deeply to see how, even through the short time we had together, God really bonded us and used us to mutually impact each other. Fair wells are hard, but we know that some day we will all be reunited with our brothers and sisters. What a joy that will be! We are confident that these men will continue to press on in their noble journeys into complete freedom and into deeper relationships with Christ.

Please pray for us during our debrief week. We have experienced a lot of amazing things and have much to process. We are happy to be receiving Sokol who will be with us during this week. Also begin praying for the upcoming time when our group will split into two teams. One will be going to Brasilia, and the other will be going to Florianopolis. May God’s work be accomplished and His light spread!

Teens Challenge outdoor fun

Teens Challenge excitement during competition

Someones ready for some meat!

Good food + good company=happy memories

Julian with the Birthday boy

Pingpong, foosball, sun and tea