Michael DTS

Greetings everyone!

God is oh so marvelous. He brings us to new heights and helps us achieve things that seem impossible. This week we had some really cool encounters, growing as a group and celebrating the great things that He has done.

Last Saturday we had some team building time at a ropes course. We all pushed each other to strive for big things and to overcome both obstacles and fears alike. It was amazing to see how working together as one body, whether at a ropes course or on the mission field, allows us to achieve things that we did not think was possible.

On Monday we took some time to celebrate the lives of Julian and Louisa, as it was their 19th birthday! After some cake and ice cream, we spent some time affirming them and praying over their new year.

The next day we had the privilege to visit the children from the foster home! Although our plans fell through with the activities we wanted to do, we believe that God’s purposes were still achieved that day. The children were ecstatic to have some new paly-mates and the teens were blessed to have someone to hear them and pray with them.

Celebrate with us and give God the glory! He is doing great things.

Julian and Louisa’s Birthday

Costume Party!