An Exciting Week Behind Us

Michael DTS

Hello! Greetings from your favorite Brazilian Ourtreach team! We have had an exciting week full of teaching, bonding with the other DTS and hearing God’s voice. That’s what we are teaching on this week: Hearing God’s voice and quiet time. Of course we tought some principles, but the week wouldn’t have been complete, without putting it into practice. As a result, there were some really cool encounters with God and with one another.

This is the first official week of lectures for tem, so we were honored to be their first teachers. We are also feeling much closer to the group as a whole, because of the fun experiences we had togther. One evenging we prepared a worship time for them to cultivate an environment where they would more easily hear His voice without having distractions. Many people were touched. They heard Him speak. Some for the first time in a new way, others for the first time in a long time. We got to pray and prophecy over one another too. God is definetly moving.

Another evening we had an „open house“ similar to Schloss Abend and a team from Kings Kids came to lead worship, dance and pray. Those kids are on fire!

Last night we had the most amazing pizza party! Our DTS’s did some serious bonding out on the dance floor and through our mutual love of pizza! 🙂

This week we’ve begun our work duties and are enjoying our oh-so-missed form of practical worship. It’s beginning to feel as if we really are a big part of this base and the people around us.

Please keep us in your prayers! Although this week has been amazing, it has also been very full and in some cases stretching. We have been bringing ourselves before God daily, for He is our strength. But your prayers have been more help than you know. May we recieve the grace that we need for one another, the hearts of compassion we need for the people around us, and the peace that God has it all in His great hands.

We love you guys and can’t wait to see what next week will bring!

A partner excersize on the topic of quiet time

A blindfolded obstical course to the topic of hearing God’s voice

Our flash-mob in the streets of Curitiba

A sweet Brazilian pizza with lots of chocolate, fruit and condenced milk

Dance party with the Brazilian DTS

A welcoming brunch

Lots of pizza and happy faces

Teaching the DTS

Surin, Ezie and Julian at the welcome breakfast for the Brazilian DTS