We made it!

Michael DTS

Oi! We made it! On Tuesday afternoon we arrived safely in Curitiba. Thank you for your prayers! We are all doing very well.

The base „Jocum Almirante Tamandaré“, where we are staying, lies on the outskirts of the city. Fillipe, one of the staff came and picked us up. On our way to the base we were already flooded with new impressions. Humid air, many colourful houses and packed streets. Our base here is surrounded by lush nature. We wake up to the beautiful sound of birds singing. We all agree that his is a wonderful outreach location.

On Wednesday we were greeted by the entire base. We experienced Brazilian hospitality first hand when they welcomed us with a delicious buffet full of their typical specialties. That evening we were able to introduce ourselves personally and had a lively Brazilian church service, ending with a worship dance party! We are so thankful that we can spend then next four weeks together here and feel so warmly welcomed.

Along with that, we know the areas where we will primarily be working: Starting on Wednesday, we will be able to teach the new DTS here at the base for two weeks. We will partner with a local church to do some street evangelism and work with a program called „Teens Challenge“. Teens Challenge is a rehab center from YWAM that works with people who are seeking freedom from addictions. Last Thursday morning we had the privilege to visit them and begin to build relationships with them. We got to share our testimonies with them in order to build up trust and make a platform on which to build upon throughout our time here. On Friday they also shared their stories with us. It touched us greatly to hear the men share with tears in their eyes, how God freed them from drug addiction, pornography, or alcohol and how they were now on their way to complete freedom. We got to pray for one another, encourage each other and worship God together. We could really feel the way the Holy Spirit was moving and changing the atmosphere. It was really moving for all of us!

This past Sunday we also had our first outreach on the streets of Curitiba, praying for strangers and doing flash mobs. The people are so open, and so many are searching for something more in life. Pray that they will find abundant life in Jesus.

We would also love for you to pray that in the next few weeks, God would give us the right words to say and that He would use us to help heal the broken. We also ask for prayer support as we prepare for the lessons we will share with the DTS beginning on Wednesday.

Thank you all for your support!

Group photo after the community evening

Our team being introduced to the community

The welcome evening: Benni, Vimbai, Louisa, Julian

There is wild nature all around the base

Typical Brazilian food: rice and beans with meat and salad.

Our first exploration of our surroundings

Our home for the next four weeks

Henny, Anja, Louisa, Surin, Anna and Ola with our brothers from Teens Challenge, who gave all of them a handmade present to show their gratitude

Community worship at Teens Challenge

First walk through the streets

Ice creeeeeeam in a shopping mall in Curitiba