The Adventure Begins

Michael DTS, DTS

Hallo, hello, 你们好、barka, Jumbo, Hugandit, 안녕하세요, yebo, Servus, cześć!


Welcome to our „Authentic Encounter“ DTS Blog!

Before we take you with us on our huge Adventure, we would like to introcuce ourselves.

We are (from left) Ezie, Carina, Dan, Benny, Jakob, Julian, Börni, Anja, Surin, Stefan, Vimbai, Anna, Henny, Louisa and Ola. Together we represent nine nations and have been living and learning together in Hurlach Castle for the past three months.

On January 4, 2018 we began our Outreach Phase by helping out at the Mehr Confrence in Augsburg for three day. We volunteered to help with security, work in the cafe, and participate in Kid ministries. We were amazed at how lage and professional the confrence was, the hunger that the participants had to have more of God, and at how we got to Encounter God in new ways. Now we are fully equipped and ready for our big outreach in Brazil! An andventure of a life-time is waiting for us and we are looking forward to it with big expectation at what God is going to do in the next few weeks.

We will be updating you regularly through this blog so that you too, can be a part of our travels. We thank you for your support in prayer and all of your encouragement. As we start out, you can lift us up so we will be safe on our flights and travel. On thrusday, January 9, we will arrive in Curitiba Brazil.

Let the adventure begin! We are ready!



DTS group picture


Stefan, Surin, Ezie and Dan in Café at Mehr-conference


The main hall at Mehr-conference