Workshop in Ravensburg about “… RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING“

Michael family ministry, RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING

On Saturday, October 7th, 2017, Doris and Rolf-Dieter Braun held a workshop about the program "Getting to know God - RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING" in Ravensburg (South Germany). Sixteen participants (parents, educators, children ministry staff, grandparents) learned how babies and toddlers can experience God in daily life. This program is directed to small children of about 1/2 year to 4 years old and communicates to them that God loves them, that he made them beautiful and that he is the creator of all the world around us which the children are about to discover. Doris Braun says: “Children should get to know God as a loving father who cares for them and listens to them.” 

For more than 25 years this program has been used in local mother-toddler-groups, kindergarten and church. In this program a lot of visual aids and many songs are used. Many workshops took place in Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, Switzerland and Austria. The program was developed in the eighties and published as a book (with songs on a CD) in German ( In the meantime Russian and French versions are available, too.

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